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Shandong Zhaojin Group and Gansu Provincial Government signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

2012/7/5 15:50:07

On July 4 a.m., at Lanzhou Ning Wozhuang Hotel, Shandong Zhaojin Group and Gansu People’s Government held the solemn signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation framework agreement. This is another significant action for Zhaojin Group to have an overall participation in gold and non-ferrous resources integration of Gansu Province since the strategic cooperation agreement had been signed by Zhaojin Group and Gansu Geology and Minerals Bureau as well as Non-ferrous Bureau in February of the same year. The agreement, which established a new journey for Zhaojin’s investment to Gansu and boosted economic and social development of Gansu, offered fresh power and strong support for the development of Zhaojin in Gansu. At the same time, it will be more favorable to speed up the mineral resources exploration and integration and promote the growth and development of competitive industry in Gansu, on the other hand, it can upgrade the comprehensive strength and core competence of Zhaojin Group, finally, realize the complementary advantages and win-win cooperation so as to push forward both sides to a brand new development stage.


Liu Weiping who is the deputy secretary of Provincial Party Committee and the provincial governor of Gansu Province attended the ceremony. Lu Dongshang as the president of Shandong Zhaojin Group, and Liu Yongfu as the Provincial Party Standing Committee member of Gansu Province and executive deputy governor respectively on behalf of both sides signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement between Gansu People’s Government and Shandong Zhaojin Group Co., Ltd.


At the ceremony, the president of Shandong Zhaojin Group, Lu Dongshang said, Zhaojin had invested and developed in Gansu for eight years, looking back the development process of Zhaojin in Gansu, he sincerely felt investment in Gansu was the best choice. The perfect investment environment and humanism environment of Gansu offered Zhaojin a new development platform. The Secretary of Gansu Province Wang Sanyun and the provincial governor Liu Weiping etc. leaders at all levels expressed care and support for the development of Zhaojin, which gave Zhaojin a broad entrepreneurial stage. Bilateral cooperation not only had made great achievement but also formed a solid friendship; in addition, it opened up new space for both sides’ closer cooperation and win-win development. He said, Zhaojin Group will grasp the significant historical opportunity for development, take active part in gold and nonferrous integration of Gansu Province, lengthen industrial chain, and be dedicated to build modern mining production based on complete system, advanced technology and green development in Gansu so as to promote the development of Zhaojin in Gansu to a higher level.


The deputy provincial governor Liu Yongfu on behalf of provincial government delivered a warm speech, he said, Shandong Zhaojin Group, which is rich in capital and technology, had significant advantages in resource exploitation, marketing of mental and minerals products and investing and financing etc., its investment in Gansu mining industry played an important role in promoting industrial upgrade, structure optimization and resource integration of Gansu gold industry. Meanwhile, Zhaojin Group supported the developments of social undertakings, rural infrastructure construction and reconstruction work after disasters of Gansu Province, which completely shows excellent culture and strong sense of social responsibility of Zhaojin Group.


Gansu Province is vast in territory characterized with rich material resources and giant potentiality in exploration and exploitation, the deputy provincial governor Liu Yongfu pointed out. Last year, the State Council issued “Action outline of breakthrough strategy for mine exploration”, in which “Three belt, one basin”, i.e. Bei Mountain of Gansu Province, Ch'i-lien Mountains, West Qinling metallogenic belt and Longdong basin were definitely listed in the key area of mine exploration.  “View about strengthen the work of geological mine exploration” and “Three-year breakthrough action plan of mine exploration”, which both had been issued by Gansu Province government, had fulfilled the original five-year exploration plan of mineral resources within three years and made breakthrough of important resources exploration in key areas. Liu emphasized that, at present, Gansu was in the golden-development period, opportunity-superposition period and struggle-leaping period, provincial government and committee paid unprecedented attention to the exploration and exploitation of mineral resources, clearly, the biggest advantage of Gansu Province is development and opening up, accelerating the development and taking ways of resource development must be implemented. He said that the strategic cooperation framework agreement signed by the Gansu Provincial Government and Zhaojin full was in full compliance with the spirit of breakthrough strategic action of mine exploration by national implementation and overall arrangements and deployment by provincial committee as well as the provincial government. Furthermore, the provincial committee and provincial government will offer a strong support for Zhaojin’s development in Gansu Province so as to further optimize the investment environment, and jointly promote the development of Gansu mining industry.


Leaders of Development and Reform Commission, Industry and Information Technology Commission, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Finance, Department of Land and Resource, Department of Environment Protection, Department of Water Resource and Administration of Work Safety, in addition to chief engineer of Shandong Zhaojin Group Li Shanren and the deputy president of Zhaojin Group Sun Xirui etc. attended the signing ceremony.