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Zhaojin and Gansu Lintao County Government signed the Gold Concentrate Smelting Project Agreement

2012/8/3 15:54:44

Recently, Zhaojin Mining Industry Co., Ltd., and Lintao County government of Gansu Province entered the “Agreement on the Project of Refractory Gold Concentrate Smelting and Resources Integration in Gansu Province” with, which was respectively signed by Qin Hongxun as the president assistant of Zhaojin Mining Industry and Chai Shengfang as Lintao County standing committee member and the deputy County head, which is the specific practice of Zhaojin Mining Industry to implement the framework agreement between group company and Gansu provincial government and Dingxi City.


At the signing ceremony, Guo Weituan as the secretary of Lintao County Committee introduced Lintao County to Zhaojin Group from the view of social development, history, humanism and geography, etc, and he pointed that this project successful settling down to Lintao County will no doubt play a active role, speeding up the survey and integration of resources, strengthening industrialized economies, lengthening industrial chain, increasing farmers’ income and accelerating economical and social development.


Qin Hongxun as the president assistant of Zhaojin made an overview about Zhaojin Group and mining development and project of refractory gold concentrate smelting, furthermore, he indicated that Zhaojin Group was responsible for the construction of the smelting project throughout the process of mineral resources development, and Zhaojin has the priority to integrate gold and nonferrous mineral resources in Lintao County.


Shi Wenge as the deputy general manager and chief science and technology development officer of Zhaojin Group, Qin Hongxun as the president assistant of Zhaojin Mining Industry, and Lintao County leadership members, including Guo Weituan as the secretary of County committee, and Wang Yaozhou as the director of standing committee of County people’s congress, etc. attended the signing ceremony.