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Kazakhstan Ubilly Company visits Zhaojin

2012/7/26 15:53:58

On July 26, G Mazza Andrianov, the Deputy president of Kazakhstan Ubilly Company and the financial director Mira visited Zhaojin. They discussed about the issues of ores import and equipment procurement with Zhaojin Group.


G Mazza Andrianov expressed his sincere appreciation to the advanced production technology, complete industrial chain and humanistic working environment of Zhaojin Group. He hoped this visit can promote bilateral friendly cooperation and exchange, deepen bilateral friendship and receive common development and progress.


The Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Zhaojin Group, Chairman of Zhaojin Import and Export Co., Ltd. Liu Yongsheng gave a warm welcome to G Mazza Andrianov group. He said the gold industry of Zhaojin Group had complete production systems. Gold exploration, selection and purchase, cyanide smelting, refining, processing of gold and silver products and selling are in a chain which has a good momentum of development in this industry. We sincerely welcome the visit of Ubilly group and hope both sides have further exchanges and cooperation.


Later, both sides talked about the issues of ores importing and equipment procurement. Senior leaders of Zhaojin Group and Zhaojin Mining Industry and relevant persons in charge of International Business Group and Development Department of Zhaojin Importing and Exporting and Zhaojin Mining Industry participated in talks.