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Stage Ι (1974-2002): Initial & Original Stage
Symbolic Event
1974-1984:In 1974, Bureau of Gold Mine was established in Zhaoyuan County; in 1978, the total output of gold in Zhaoyuan was 116,552 Liang (5.8276 million grams), among which 50,552 Liang (2.5276 million grams) was from Zhaojin gold mine and 66,000 Liang (3.3 million grams) was from the production in county, community and brigade; and Zhaoyuan Gold Industry Corporation was then established in March, 1984.


1985-1992: In 1985, the output of gold in Zhaoyuan County had exceeded 100,000 Liang (5 million grams); Zhaoyuan County Gold Group Corporation was founded in 1988; in 1989, Zhaoyuan County Gold Economic Committee was set up, with 4 subsidiaries of Gold Mine Company, Gold Industrial Company and Second Gold Mine Company, Gold Material Company; in April, 1900, Zhaoyuan County Gold Mine Corporation and Zhaoyuan County Gold Economic Committee worked together with an internal name of Zhaoyuan Gold Economic Committee and an external name of Zhaoyuan County Gold Group Corporation; and the annual gold output exceeded 200,000 Liang (10 million grams) in 1990.


1993-2002: In March 1993, Zhaoyuan City Gold Industry Group Corporation was established after canceling the registrations of Zhaoyuan City Gold Economic Committee and Zhaoyuan City Second Gold Mine Company; in May 1993, it was notified by People's Bank of China that the gold price was readjusted with all relevant preferential policies cancelled; in June 1994, approved by Shandong Provincial Commission for Economic Restructuring, Zhaoyuan City Gold Industry Group Corporation, together with its subsidiary eight backbone enterprises, initiated the establishment of Shandong Zhaoyuan Gold (Group) Stock Company; and the output of gold in Zhaoyuan City had exceeded 300,000 Liang (15 million grams) in 1995; in April 1998, the seal of “Shandong Zhaojin Group Corporation” was promulgated by Zhaoyuan City People’s Government Office.


Stage Ⅱ (2002-Now): Growth and Development Stage
Symbolic Event:


In April 2002, “International Academic Forum of Gold Mine Geological Exploration and Sustainable Development in China’s Gold Capital of Zhaoyuan” was held at Jincheng Grand Hotel.


In June 2002, the “Sino-South Africa Economic and Trade Conference on Import of Gold Technology & Equipment and Project Financing” was organized by Zhaoyuan municipal government, China Gold Association and South Africa Department of Trade and Industry with Zhaojin Group as the co-organizer.


In August 2003, “The Fist International Gold & Jewellery Exhibition in China's Gold Capital”, which was organized by Zhaoyuan municipal government and co-organized by Zhaoyuan Group, was held at Gold & Gem Jewelry Palace with many manufacturers and sellers from home and abroad attending the exhibition.


In April 2004, together with Shanghai Fosun Industry Investment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yuyuan Tourist Mart Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Guangxin Investment Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Old Temple Gold Co., Ltd., Zhaojin Group initiated the establishment of Zhaojin Mining Industry Company Limited, creating a scientific and canonical financing platform for coming into the market.


In 2005, Zhaojin Group had self-produced gold of 419,000 Liang (20.95 million grams), winning the honorary title of “National Star Enterprises in Gold Industry”, “National Advanced Units for Enterprises Culture Construction” and ranking 423 in “China Top 500 Enterprises”, which made “Zhaojin” brand become “China 500 Most Valuable Brands” with its value reaching 2.205 billion yuan.


In December 2006, Zhaojin Mining Industry Company Limited had come into the main-board market in Hong Kong and initialed public offering of 199 million H shares, collecting total capital of above 2.5 billion Hong Kong currencies.


In 2006, Zhaojin Group had self-produced gold of 284,000 Liang (14.2 million grams) (Zhongkuang Gold Industry had quitted), and had once again been included into “China Top 500 Enterprises” ranking 417 and into “China Top 200 Enterprises in Economic Benefits” ranking 192. The Group Corporation also won the title of “Yantai Advanced Enterprises in Industry Economic Development during the Tenth ‘Five-Years’ Period” and the “Shandong Enterprise Culture’s Construction and Innovation Achievement Award” awarded jointly by five units including Organization Department and Publicity Department of the Provincial Party Committee. “Zhaojin” Brand had once again been included into “China 500 Most Valuable Brands” and the brand value reached 2.293 billion yuan.


In 2007, the main economic and technology index had again set a new historical record: self-produced gold of 314,000 Liang (15.7 million grams), smelted and processed finished gold of 946,000 Liang (47.3 million grams) and refined gold of 56 tons, which had realized sale income of 13 billion yuan, profit tax of 0.83 billion yuan, profit of 0.74 billion yuan and financial contribution of 0.56 billion yuan, all of which had made the company the second enterprise with sale income exceeding 10 billion yuan in Yantai City (County).


In 2010, Zhaojin Group had made income of 22.8 billion yuan from major business around the whole year, becoming the first state-owned enterprise whose income has exceeded 20 billion yuan from major business in Yantai City and realizing annual profit of 2.018 billion yuan, with year-on-year growth by 46.23%; annual financial contribution of 1.018 billion yuan with year-on-year growth by 19.76%; annual gold output of 457,500 Liang (22.875 million grams) with year-on-year growth by 15.92%; annual smelting and processing finished gold of 943,500 Liang (47.175 million grams) with year-on-year growth by 0.88%; annual refined gold of 63.15 tons with year-on-year growth by 11.22%. The company had won the honorary titles of “Zhaoyuan Municipal Meritorious Enterprise in Industry Economical Development”, “China Top 10 Outstanding Units on Contribution to Enterprise Culture Construction”, “Shandong Advanced Units in Audit Work ” and “2010 China Outstanding Contribution Award on Enterprise Management”. The company had been again included into “Shandong Top 100 Enterprises” ranking 30; for seven consecutive years had been included into “China Top 500 Enterprises” ranking 308 and into “China 500 Most Valuable Brands”, which won the first of the listed brands in Yantai City with Zhaojin Brand value reached up to 7.481 billion yuan.