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Shandong Guoda Gold Stock Company was established in November 1986, which is the first professional gold smelting enterprise in China and had become Group Corporation since 1993. With an area of 680000 square meters, Guoda Company by now has 1550 employees, among which there are 400 professional technical staff, and produces gold with annual output of 15 tons, silver of 40 tons, industrial sulphuric acid of 400,000 tons, cathode copper of 30,000 tons and power generation by waste heat with total voltage of 0.5 billion kWh. Guoda Company is one of the largest scale gold smelting enterprises in Asia, and also is one gold, cathode copper smelting and sulphuric acid chemical industry enterprise with complete process, the highest technical content and the best economic benefit.


Every day, Guoda now can deal with various concentrates of 1200 tons such as gold, silver and copper, with subsidiary companies of First Company, Second Company and Third Company for Gold Smelting, Copper Industry Company, Sulphuric Acid & Power Generation Company, Gold & Silver Smelting Company and Yantai Longxiang Wine Company, etc., it has domestic advanced technology and process of direct cyanidation, roasting cyaniding, two-stage roasting, extraction electrodeposition, acid-making by tailing, power generation by waste heat, gold-smelting by wet method, copper-smelting by wet method and multi-element recovery for tailings, etc.


In recent years, Guoda Company has set up holding subsidiaries in sequence with Hong Kong Company, Czech Safina Precious metals Refinery Company and French Saint Bernard Company by relying on its abundant funds and core technology in order to realize maximizing comprehensive reutilization for limited resources and to further realize the internationalized development strategy. Through years of good running, Guoda has been formed into six industrial clusters, which are gold & silver smelting, cathode copper smelting, sulphuric acid chemical industry & power generation by waste heat, mining exploitation, deep-process for precious metal etc. top products and grape wine.