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Talent Concept:Talent Concept: Recruit more capable personnel to promote common development


We always welcome the up-and-coming and progress-seeking talents to join us; every employee who has made efforts and contributions to the company growth will be provided with a broad development platform.


How to fulfill this talent concept:
◆Definition of Talent: Our talent should be the one who is pragmatic with good faith, has outstanding performance and achievements, attaches great importance on the teamwork and does well on innovation.
◆Talent selection: We will actively carry out the recruitment exercise by making good planning on human resources, improving talent recruitment mechanism as well as breaking through the geographical restrictions.
◆Talent training: We will intensify the development on human resources, conduct training in accordance with their aptitude, provide key training programs for the talents, select talents with a scientific method and do well in the shadow project.
◆Talent utilization: We will standardize the management of qualifications by clarifying the qualifications and core skills required by each post; we will assign personnel to their working posts in a rational way by making full use of their strength; we will work well on the performance management to promote continuous improvement of the employees.
◆Talent Retention: We will maintain the talent retention by rationally returning on our personnel and providing them with different promotion channels and a promotion space without ceiling.