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Shenzhen Zhaojin Metal Network Exchange Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) is founded with the authorization of relevant department of Shenzhen City. Taking the international Internet and enterprise intranets as its basis, it is a network trade company featured by E-commerce to trade actuals like metal and precious metals in an organized way.


By taking the innovation on the trading technique as a breakthrough and combining the innovation on trade organization and trade regulations, Shenzhen Zhaojing has introduced E-commerce this new type of business model to the circulation of actuals like metal and precious metal with advanced network technology and logistics management thoughts and has provided a performance guarantee system by economic means, all which has made it the first company to realize the electronization of actuals trading in China.


Taking “Service First, Rules First, Safety First” as its tenet and based on the principles of openness, impartiality, justice and legality, the company has provided a good computer network trading environment for the actuals trading, and relevant services on goods delivery as well as taking delivery of goods, funds settlement, information, consultation, training, etc. The company protects the lawful rights and interests of the party involved in actuals trading and exercises its organization and management functions in accordance with the regulations.


The company has sales branches both in Shanghai and Guangzhou with a stable customer groups. The innovations on logistics management means and application of high-tech technologies have contributed to the effective communication and coordination among information flow, physical distribution and commercial distributions, which has resulted in larger transaction size, lower transaction cost, more transaction opportunities and smaller price dispersion with the advantages of high contract performance rate and high market efficiency.