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Zhaoyuan Gold Material Supplying Center was established on September 20, 1992, which mainly supplies steel products and various mine equipment & spare parts for enterprises owned by Zhaojin Group and other gold mine enterprises.


The main business of the company is: rack, turnout, steel tube, road splint, friction ball and various steel and wood products, products of chemical industry, constructional materials, mining machinery & accessories, electromechanical & accessories, lubricating oil, chemically raw material (excluding inflammable and explosive and virulent hazardous chemicals), general merchandise, hardware and electrical appliance, electric wire and cable, rubber products and plastics, etc. for wholesale and retail。


The company is also the agent of Steel Wire Cables General Factory of Anshan Iron and Steel and the general agent of Jinling Iron underground mining equipment and machinery in Sinkiang area.


Our company will return all customers with all its heart by first-class and high-quality service.