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Shandong Zhaojin Group Co., Ltd.


The design of Zhaojin logo is an enterprise logo that presents a shape of the Chinese character “山” (mountain) with the whole pattern in “semicircle”, which has the following four intrinsic meanings


1.The whole pattern is a transfiguration of the symbol of gold element "Au", which means that the main business of the company is the development in gold mining industry; the two Chinese characters "招金" in the center of the triangle is the short name of the company; the Chinese character "山" that has been transfigured and presented in the logo, which not only reminds people of the first character in the company’s Chinese name, but also stands for the beautiful and rich Shandong Peninsular where the company locates.


2.The triangle stands for a gold mine while the semicircle represents the interlaced underground tunnels in different depths, which means that Zhaojin people, in the spirit of winning through innovation, are stoping endless precious gold deposits with great hardworking and intelligence.


3. The triangle stands for the gold mine while the semicircle represents the folded hands, which means that the Zhaojin people, by making concerted efforts and believing that unity is strength, are providing the most genuine and pure gold products to our customers with good faith.


4.The whole pattern is in yellow (gold) with the color changing from light to dark in the triangle forming pure gold, which symbolizes the gold quality and implies the enterprise spirits of “Being pragmatic and innovative with good faith and dedication”.