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Zhaojin Optoelectronics Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was established on November, 2002, mainly engaging in the research & development, production and sales of advanced photoelectric devices and modules. Zhaojin Optoelectronics has always been in the pursuit of innovation and superexcellence since its founding. Under the banner of “Unite to Advance on the Grand Way and Innovate with United Intelligence”, the company has recruited a group of domestic and overseas technology and management elites from all parts of the country and the world and has always committed itself to providing the customer with additional value through technical innovations and excellent service to realize a win-win result together with our customers.


The headquarters and volume production base locate at the Zhaoyuan Economic and Technological Development Zone in Yantai city. The office and factory facilities of the company occupies over 8000 square meters in total, containing over 4000 squares meters of ultraclean optoelectronics laboratories and workshops and a large number of world-class instruments and equipment for production and test; the company has accumulated rich experience in technical innovation, market development, lean production and quality control to provide comprehensive solutions, products and services for the domestic and overseas customers in all industries. The company’s products includes: optical fiber communication devices and modules, optical fiber sensor and modules, core optoelectronic devices in the fields of instrument & meter and national defense industry, etc.


By adhering to the company culture of “Unite to Advance on the Grand Way and Innovate with United Intelligence” and bending itself to self-dependent innovation, Zhaojin Optoelectronics are striving to develop the company to an innovative enterprise in northern China, China and even the whole world with our only wish of struggling together with all friends and domestic and foreign craft brothers to make our enterprises become bigger and stronger.