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Zhaojin Mining Industry Company Limited(Stock Code: 1818) was established on April 16, 2004 and came into the main-board market of Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd. on December 8, 2006.


Zhaojin Mining is an integrated large-scale enterprise specialized in the development of gold industry with integration of exploration, mining, ore processing and smelting, and it is the leading gold manufacturer and one of the biggest gold smelting enterprises in China. Its leading products are standard gold ingots「Gold 9999」and「Gold 9995」; and its main production technology and equipment have reached domestic leading level and met with international advanced standard.


In recent years, by sticking to taking the development of gold mining as it main guideline, pursuing the leadership in science & technology and innovative management, the company has continuously enhanced advantages in technology and cost in the field of gold production to make the gold reserves, output and enterprise profits increase year by year. Meanwhile, facing the development trend of the industry, Zhaojin Mining actively carries out industry resources integration and implements resources expanding strategy; based in Zhaoyuan City and facing the whole country, the company has continuously expanded the business scopes with rapid development, all-sided improvement and further increased resources reserves. At present, the company owns 33 subsidiaries and enterprises with equity participation, and runs six gold mines in Zhaoyuan area (「inside city」) including: Dayigezhuang Gold Mine, Jinchiling Gold Mine, Xiadian Gold Mine, Hedong Gold Mine, Jintingling Gold Mine and Chanzhuang Gold Mine. The business of this company has scattered the main gold producing area of the state, in addition, the company has invested in a listed gold company in Australia in the form of equity investment to involve in the development of overseas resources.


In view of future, by continuously sticking to the development philosophy of “Carry forward the gold civilization of thousands years of history; Make friends all around the world with benevolence and righteousness” and relying on excellent geographical position, affluent mining resources, advanced process & technology and innovative management mode, Zhaojin Mining Industry will hold the production position of pure gold to make a continuous increase of gold reserves and output. Meanwhile, by taking part in the integration and development of gold resources at home and abroad actively and making efforts to realize consistent growth in profits, the company will accelerate to become the top advanced gold production enterprises in China and all around the world to benefit the shareholders and society with excellent performance.