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Yantai Zhaojin Kanfort Precious Metals Co., Ltd. has a predecessor named Yantai Zhaojin Kanfort Precious Metals Company. In order to realize strong development, the company merged Kanfort Industrial (Yantai) Co., Ltd. to reorganize Yantai Zhaojin Kanfort Precious Metals Co., Ltd. at the end of 2007. The company locates at the gold industrial park in Shandong Zhaoyuan Economic Development Zone--the world-renowned “China gold capital” which is famous for teeming with gold. With an occupation area of 20,166 square meters and a registered capital of RMB 13,800, the company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of “Computix”-brand electroplated chemical materials of precious metals such as gold salt (potassium aurous cyanide), silver salt (silver cyanide and potassium silver cyanide), silver plate, bonding material, evaporation material, target material, etc.


The “Computix” products are mainly applied in industries like electron circuit board, semiconductor, connector, military product, spaceflight, jewellery, horologe, electroforming technology, etc. At present, Yantai Zhaojin Kanfort Precious Metals Co., Ltd. is one of the largest production enterprises of gold salt and silver salt with an annual product sales amount over RMB 3 billion.


The company has 3 branches now: Yantai branch, Jiangmen branch and Shanghai office. The company with more than 300 employees has invested in and bought shares of Shandong Zhaojin Investment Stock Company. From the end of 2005 to the beginning of 2007, the company has been successively passed the examination and verification by American “AQA” international certification company on ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, TS16949 four international standard systems and acquired the certificates. In November, 2006, it has again successfully passed the examination and verification conducted by the expert panel from State Administration of Work Safety and has been awarded “National Safety Standardization Grade-Ι Enterprise”.


From 2004 to 2007, the company has been awarded "Outstanding Enterprise" and “Advanced Enterprise in Safety Work and Environment Protection” respectively by the municipal government and Zhaojin group, and has been recognized as “High and New Tech Enterprise” by Shandong Provincial Bureau for Science and Technology at the same time.