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“Unite to Advance on the Grand Way”
Confucius once said: “The so-called benevolence under the sun can unite all like-minded friends in the world.”


——Family Analects of Confucius

Silver sands aggregate to make a pagoda;
Small streams converge to form a great river;
Millions of people unite to create a grand cause!


Our “Grand Way”, is the way of running our own business, the way of strengthening the company’s economic power and even more the way of rejuvenating the gold industry in China. In the past over three decades, we have been ceaselessly pioneered and “united” to move forward on this grand way. We have established our business on the basis of integrating gold mineral resources, developed our company through syncretizing the intelligence of our employees, and we surely will become preeminent by integrating advantages of all industries.


Our “Unitedness” stands for united rule, united intelligence, united mind and united work. United rule requires that we should unify people’s actions and ceaselessly pioneer with unified steps in a standard and pragmatic way; united intelligence requires that we should learn to innovate and integrate people’s wisdoms to make sure of our place in the world by relying on our strong creativity; united mind requires that we should with good faith unite people’s minds into a cohesive force to advance towards the common ideal; united work requires that we should unite the strength of people through communication and cooperation to give full play to the group's scale advantage and advance hand in hand!