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Zhaojin Non-ferrous Mining Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 with a registered capital of 0.12 billion yuan. Its main businesses include comprehensive development of geological exploration and mining of nonferrous metal.


Since 2009, the company has been starting to grasp opportunity and accelerate development to realize strategic transformation from non-gold mining in the core of expanding resources and increasing reserves by exploration, focusing on the nonferrous metals such as copper, silver, lead, zinc, molybdenum, iron, etc., and also implementing merger and acquisition of mine actively in the main line of regional development and new-type mine construction of “Safe Development, Environmental Protection & Energy Conservation and Economies of Scale” and aiming to be a big and strong nonferrous metal mining enterprise, by grasping business management in one hand, exploitation capacity and production increasing & reformation in another hand to rapidly enlarge the non-ferrous plate. By now, the company has had 5 joint-venture and holding-venture enterprises, administered mine enterprises such as Hejing Zhaojin Non-ferrous Mining Industry Company, Longhua Zhaojin Non-ferrous Mining Industry Company, Chicheng County Mingzhu Ming Company, etc., has had 4 mines of copper, lead, zinc and molybdenum, 2 non-metal mines of fluorite; had various technicians more than 60 with intermediate titles for geology, mining, exploitation and electromechanical, etc.; had mining right with above 10 sq kilometers, exploration right with 50 sq kilometers; had copper of 500,000 tons, lead and zinc of 300,000 tons and non-metal mineral of 300,000 tons.


Over the years, by actively advocating enterprise culture of “Unite to Advance on the Grand Way”, pursuing the tenet of “Honesty, Pragmaticism, Innovation, Contribution” and based on the management concept of “Good Virtue & Faith, Win-Win Cooperation, Stable Development”, the company has been actively implementing resources strategy to enlarge resources occupation; implementing talents and scientific & technological strategy to improve competitiveness of the company; persisting in high-standard, strategy with high starting point to normalize business administration, and making efforts to realize safe development to make asset size, sales income, economic benefit and level of management & technology all in the front rank of the national nonferrous metal mining groups, and making all efforts to create to be a large-scale nonferrous metal mining group with relatively strong competitiveness to aim to enter into “National Top 100 Nonferrous Metal Mining Company” at the end of “12th Five-Year Plan”.